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Why You Need To Hire An Interior Designer For Your Home


The COVID-19 Pandemic came with major social impacts in society, with countries like our Uganda instituting a Stay Home Lockdown that is now being eased. There’s been some ways around the lockdown – walking some pretty long distances, getting access to the good car stickers or just staying home. Whichever way your days have played out, it is not debatable that you have had a good look at your living space; in and out. How do you feel about the color on the wall? Does your couch seem not very pleasing anymore? Is your apartment as relaxing as it was before you spent so many hours in it or are you over it and you just want to change E V E R Y T H I N G?

Here’s our top five reasons why you need to hire an interior designer.

1. You get to save money

The biggest misconception about working with an interior designer is that it will cost an arm and a leg and is better left to the rich and famous. On the contrary, an interior designer should end up saving you money by choosing the right elements that never go out of style. Have you ever bought a couch that was just too big or an area rug that looked nice before purchasing it but ended up being your worst buy? Working with a professional interior designer will help you make informed, planned, and necessary purchases – and the best part is; at good prices because truth is they know the right ‘guy’.

2. You get to live in your Pinterest board

After hours of scrolling through Pinterest and Instagram, the problem you might run into is that you fall in love with too many different styles. One day you might decide you want a Bohemian styled bedroom, but the next day you see a beautiful Scandinavian one and change your mind completely. This can happen over and over again until you become design-decision-paralyzed. An interior designer has the skills to help you define your style, and incorporate it into the design plan. They will help you mix and match your design styles while staying true to the exact size and features of your space.

3. You avoid the headache

Before and after pictures on social media, and TV shows make the home design process seem like a breeze. The reality is, designing and decorating a home can be a daunting task. From ordering and buying items, keeping up with the carpenter and electrician, while keeping track of budget and timelines; an interior designer takes over all the dirty work so that you can focus on the final result—a beautiful space!

4. You get to love your home

One of the reasons why you keep going back to your favourite restaurant or still remember the hotel you were at on your last holiday is because of how it made you feel. Now imagine with me being able feel the same way every day as you walk into your home from a long day at work. How relaxing! The best part is that it is achievable. Creating a space that is correctly balanced and proportioned with color, light, scale, and texture can not only make you feel happier, but can also promote productivity and creativity. An interior designer knows precisely how to read and match colors, how to choose the right finishes, and how to align your home with the latest industry trends to get you that good feeling. So whether you are one to leave early for work and come back late, or are able to work from home, you will be happy to call home home!

5. You get the work done

Tired of procrastinating and you just want it done? Hire a professional. Almost everyone has an ideal picture of how their homes should look in their heads, but translating this into reality can take forever. It could be that it keeps getting pushed down the priority list or you just have failed to get round to make those changes that you so badly want to make. An interior designer will help you to plan, organize and coordinate every step of your design project. You will finally be able to check it off the list and with the exact result you have been aiming for.

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