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Five Tips to Maximize Storage for Small Spaces.

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Ever find yourself in a space and you wonder how to fit all your property? Small rooms at home, at the office, or in your apartment, can be challenging if they don’t fit everything you have. Organized spaces make your room look bigger but you will need to keep them clean and orderly. Staying organized can seem impossible in a small space, but with a little creativity, you can utilize all the space you have with a few tips for storage.

  1. Use up the available vertical space. Mounting shelves on the walls will automatically create extra space to store a number of things. Floating shelves act as good storage spaces –  whether you attach a basket to the wall or a corner shelf, you will not only create space but improve the aesthetics of the room.
  2. Buy Multipurpose Furniture. Furniture that is created to have storage space is very convenient for a small space. It is perfect for storing seasonal things like jackets and blankets.
  3. Use the Space on your Doors. This is space that most of us ignore and yet it is perfect for hanging coats and jackets using hooks. Closet doors can even take baskets and extra shelving that will ease organization. Cabinets doors are also useful for storing flat equipment like pans and trays.
  4. Maximize the Storage Space Available. It’s no surprise that most in built cabinets shelves and closets have one or two open spaces. Divide these spaces using racks, cardboard boxes to make the space more usable. This will also give you a chance to personalize your storage.
  5. Use the Walls. Use the walls to put up things like hats belts, bags and jewelry.  Ensure to put the nice things on the walls that will harmonize the room.

There are many ways to create storage space in a small place, if all these don’t come easily to you, ask an organized friend to help or better still hire a professional. Remember to its not hard to have your happy place.

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