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Five Tips On Styling Up Your Bookshelf

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Bookshelves in any room, are very useful furniture. Whether at home in your living room or in your office, shelves can generally feel unwanted if not well tended. Here are a few tips on keeping your shelf relevant to your interior design by styling them up.

  1. Functionality. It might seem cliché to use your shelves for books, however books will make the shelf look more natural. For much smaller items, well decorated baskets and boxes can be very handy.
  2. Color Theme. Keep one to three colors for the items, colors that complement the shelf color. This brings harmony among the different decorative items on the shelf. Neutral colors are the simplest to work with while bright colors will go a long way if used well in the elements.
  3. Symmetry. The shelf needs to look balanced which means that the aspect of visual weight is important. Balance the placement of big and small items on all levels and sides of the shelf. This will further complement the balance in the rest of the room.
  4. Texture. Be creative with the items you place on your shelf. Different textures bring depth and this can be achieved in the use of items like cushions, sculptural objects, ceramic vases, small plants. Framing beautiful paper patterns or textured fabric will add character to the arrangement.
  5. Space. Always leave space within the shelf. While you want to store as much as you can, keeping less items on the shelf will go a long way in organization and avoiding clutter all together. Books can be stacked alternatingly with some vertical and others horizontal.

Shelves will always be useful – just remember they can be beautiful too.

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